This animation presents seven typologies of employees, indicating how they might react to organisational change and how managers can communicate to them to mitigate risks.

The following 7-minute animation is useful as a starting point for leaders who are implementing organisational change and should be used as part of a larger impact assessment on organisational change.

Leaders are encouraged to adapt our CWB materials for their own particular requirements.

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This animation was developed out of findings from a CREST-funded project, undertaken by Professor Rosalind Searle (University of Glasgow) and Dr Charis Rice (Coventry University) as well as previous research with other colleagues: Professor Antoinette Weibel, St Gallen University (Switzerland), Professor Ann-Marie Nienaber, Coventry University and Professor Deanne Den Hartog, University of Amsterdam (Netherlands). It was produced with financial assistance from CREST and a grant for from the ESRC for their Festival of Social Science. The animation was by Becky Stevens and the voiceover and additional production by Dr Matthew Francis (both from CREST).