Below is a list of the centre management and core staff who work for CREST. See our People page for a complete list of researchers and contributors who have previously worked for us. 

Centre management

  • Stacey Conchie (Director)
  • Susanna Yates (Centre Manager)
  • Jen Reid (Personal Assistant)
  • Dawn Stobbart (Administrative Assistant)
  • Shyavindi Bandaranayake (Administrative Assistant)


  • Rebecca Stevens (Communications Director)
  • Kayleigh Brennan (Marketing Communications Officer)


Contact: [email protected]

Project Leads

Core PIs

Commissioned PIs

  • Noémie Bouhana
    Environment And Interventions: Assessing The Environmental Risk Of Terrorism
  • Lewys Brace
    Con.Cel: Tracking The Online Contagion Of InCel And Male Supremacist Ideology
  • Calvin Burns
    The Effect Of Different Online Mediums And Variable Formats On Information Disclosure In Vetting Interviews
  • Paul Gill/ Bettina Rottweiler
    Conspiracy Theories And Extremism
  • Martin Innes
    Mapping And Modelling Influence Interactions Between Conspiracy Communities And Extremist Entities (MICE2)
  • Anastasia Kordoni 
    Detecting Hybrid Social Identities: A Computational Analysis Of Influence And Resilience In Online RWE Communities
  • David McIlhatton
    Evaluating Security Interventions In Public Locations: Developing And Testing A Co-Created Framework For Protective Security
  • Rachel Monaghan 
    Prosecuting Extremists In The United Kingdom: An Exploration Of Charging, Prosecution And Sentencing Outcomes
  • Alexandra Phelan
    Misogyny, Hostile Beliefs And The Transmission Of Extremism: A Comparison Of The Far-Right In The UK And Australia
  • Nicola Power
    The Psychology Of Interoperability: Building Better Multi-Agency Counter-Terrorism Training (INTEROP)
  • Charis Rice
    Situational Threat And Response Signals (STARS): Public-Facing Counter-Terrorism Strategic Communication Campaigns

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